USDT交‘jiao’易所“suo”程序《xu》出‘chu’租点 dian[击「ji」联系 xi[我(wo)),全「quan」球頂尖『jian』的〖de〗USDT場〖〗外 wai[擔保“bao”交【jiao】易{yi}平臺「」程{cheng}序出『chu』租「zu」。


TRADE enforcement officers seized 17.5 tonnes of subsidised cooking oil from an unnumbered house near Sandakan yesterday.

Sandakan chief enforcement officer Azdy Zukkry John said the cooking oil was believed to have been misappropriated to sell on the black market at RM7.60/kg, more than three times the RM2.50 subsidised price.

A skid tank and a 10-tonne lorry were among various equipment worth a total of RM98,750 seized in the raid at 4.30pm, he told a press conference in Sandakan today.

He said snipped packets of 1kg subsidised cooking oil with their contents emptied were also seized, adding that this had contributed to a local shortage of this measure.

“Many villagers came to us and even called me up asking where has the cooking oil gone,” he added.

Azdy said a man in his 30s, who was arrested in the raid, admitted taking the oil.

The case is being investigated under sections 20(1) and 21 of the Control of Supplies Act 1961, which carry a fine of up to RM1 million.

Subsequent offences each carry a fine of up to RM3 million or maximum three years’ imprisonment or both, on conviction, for an individual.

For a company, the offence carries a fine of up to RM2 million, while subsequent offences each carry a fine of not more than RM5 million upon conviction. – Bernama, June 17, 2022.

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